worshipCanadian and American members of The Anglican Mission family celebrated their common mission and purpose at The Anglican Mission Canada’s National Conference, “Fan Into Flame: Discipling and Disciplers,” held May 14-16. Richmond Emmanuel Church in Richmond, British Columbia, hosted the conference, providing attendees a chance to be refueled for the work Jesus has called The Anglican Mission to in Canada.

Two of The Anglican Mission’s priests from All Saints Dallas, the Rev. Gavin Pate and the Rev. David Larlee, were guest speakers at the conference. They participated in The Anglican Mission’s kingdom family as they prayed for the sick, encouraged the weary and shared in The Anglican Mission’s diversity.  Attendees ranged in age from 2 to 92, spanning the east coast to the west coast, and from the south to the north. As Richmond Emmanuel Church’s Pastor the Rev. Ignatius Ng puts it, “This is the Anglican Mission’s DNA, to share in God’s mission together as a diverse family of different cultures and all generations.”

The Rev. Dave Larlee spoke to the assembled group of Canadian clergy and laity as a fellow Canadian, as he originally hails from New Brunswick.

“Dave Larlee gently and confidently created spaces for the Spirit to work that we would not only know but experience the riches of Christ’s love and be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God as it talks about in Ephesians 3:19,” says the Rev. Dave De Jong, Associate Pastor at Jericho Road Church and Administrator for The Mission Canada.

The conference was an opportunity for all attendees to re-connect with new and old friends from across the country, and encourage one another to fulfill the mission in ways that match their unique gifts and contexts. Attendees also enjoyed hearing from the Rev. Gavin Pate, who offered a glimpse into the life and structures of The Anglican Mission’s new headquarters in Dallas.

“The passion of The Anglican Mission’s mission center is to equip three-stream church planters, but also to cut the distance between us,” Gavin says. “While God may call us to serve in various parts of the world, we share a Kingdom DNA. That was on full display in Canada, where each Anglican Mission church is devoted to God’s mission of saving the lost and building His church.”

One conference highlight was a time of communal prayer on Friday evening. The group lifted up church planters, pastors and communities of seniors and students all across Canada, committing to see God’s kingdom work in all communities, whether urban or suburban, young or old.

“I loved meeting with such different people to share stories and learn from each other,” Ignatius says. “It made me think, ‘Wow, there’s no reason such a random group of people would gather together if not for God’s mission. I’m so glad to be here!’”

Richmond Emmanuel’s worship band led attendees in morning and evening worship during the conference. Attendees could also attend a soaking prayer service and workshops to equip them for various areas of ministry. On Saturday, after a final communion service, the freshly unified kingdom family concluded a wonderful time of community, food, worship and being filled with the fullness of God’s spirit.

“There was an ease of Spirit-filled ministry that flowed from relationship at this year’s conference that was exciting to experience,” Dave says.

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