EmissariesOn May 2 near Orlando, Florida, the Very Rev. Gerry Schnackenberg and the Very Rev. Carl Buffington were consecrated as Bishop Emissaries from the Dioceses of Boga and Kibondo. The Mission’s Partner Bishops performed the consecrations at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in the presence of the College of Consultors, following the process of The Mission’s Constitution and in accord with the norms of the Dioceses of its Mission Partners.

“Gerry and Carl have both been very faithful and loyal to their own apostolic ministries in Colorado and Florida as well as strong supporters and encouragers of The Mission,” Apostolic Vicar Philip Jones says.

The Bishop Emissary of a Mission Partner allows the Bishop of that Diocese to promote their Diocese, bringing awareness of its works and needs to other organizations and Christian bodies outside the geographical borders of their Diocese. Thus, Gerry and Carl will represent their respective African Mission Partners in North America.

Also, as with all of The Mission’s clergy, Gerry and Carl will have license to be delegated for ministry in The Mission. Bishop Jones will occasionally ask them, under his authority, to share in confirmations, provide pastoral visits to churches and take counsel with him and the other bishops in The Mission.

“Both priests will add value and manpower to assist in confirmations, ordinations and other such responsibilities as designated by me. I will be grateful for this additional help,” Bishop Jones says.

In attendance at the consecrations were Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini; Archbishop Yong Ping Chung; Bishop Sospeter Ndenza of the Diocese of Kibondo, Tanzania; Bishop William of the Diocese of Boga, Congo; Bishop Chuck Murphy and the Rev. Mike Murphy; Bishop Bahati of the Diocese of Bukavu, Congo; Bishop Masimango of the Diocese of Kindu, Congo; and Bishop Edmund of the Diocese of Dunkwa-on-Offin, Ghana.