Wedding CoupleOn Sunday morning, April 12, love was in the air at St. Simon’s North Vancouver. Parishioners doubled as wedding guests as The Rev. Dr. Ed Hird had the privilege of joining a couple in holy matrimony during the regular worship service.

“Many people attending weddings miss the fact that they are meant to be acts of worship,” Ed says. “Sometimes secular values dominate the wedding scene.”

Not so at St. Simon’s. Ed first encountered the tradition of people getting married during the Sunday morning worship service when he came to the church in 1987. The practice began with his predecessor, the Rev. Bill Ferris, as parishioners expressed a desire to share their wedding with their closest community—those they worship with each Sunday morning. As most of St. Simon’s services are done in the context of Holy Communion, the weddings are naturally worshipful celebrations. Guests, family members and friends of the couple can also enter deeply into the worship experience.

The wedding tradition continues today. At the April wedding, Ed preached a message called “Bankrupt Without Love” based on Ephesians 5:21-33.

“The couple was full of overflowing joy, grateful for the integration of their faith and life in holy matrimony,” he says.

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