We’ve celebrated Easter—now what? The Rev. Brad Mathias of Four Winds Mission shares how Mozart discovered an insight that allowed him to fully embrace life. 

I recently heard a great sermon on XM Radio’s family talk channel. The preacher shared about Mozart, who was quoted at one time to say…“The secret to life is accepting death” (my paraphrase).

The story goes that Mozart attributed his amazing life of musical genius and prolific creativity to the understanding that he would die, could die, at any time, and he was completely surrendered to that. He was excited to squeeze the life out of every second of every day that he had, without fear or doubt. He had settled the issue of his passing long before it came up.

Recent controversy with Pastor Rob Bell’s book Love Wins has riled up the talking heads and the blogosphere with accusations of heresy, name calling and polarizing posturing from many Christian camps. His book explores what the Bible says specifically about hell, heaven and life after we die. I’m not here to comment on that other than to say… I’m more concerned with how I live this life, right now.

Mozart’s understanding of death released him to live a most remarkable life.

As a believer in Christ, I theoretically have the same belief: that my death will only lead to life. But do I live that way ? Specifically, not in the great beyond or in the great eternity of the unknown, but here and now. Today. Am I living with a clear understanding of the truth behind those words ?

Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life…and have it to the fullest.” I don’t believe He was just commenting on an inconceivable, endless heaven-after-earth reality. I believe it means life for us here, now. When we surrender our need to be in control of our destiny, we find life. When we let go of our preferences, our endless fears for our kids, the mortgage or the test results just in from the doctor, we renew our days with something extra-ordinary, a “Jesus” kind of perspective that has the intensity of true and vibrant life in it.

When we live from the reality that we have already ”died” to ourselves and to our preferences, we can embrace whatever God directs us toward… determined to live fearlessly in the face of whatever comes. I believe that kind of life speaks louder than any intellectual effort to win people’s trust, hope and belief in Jesus. Our day-to-day understanding of the precious and priceless gift of life that has been given to us in Jesus provides us with a remarkable weapon of hope, healing and help. We become life-givers to those who are literally and metaphorically dying. 

So now that you have celebrated Easter… let go. Allow your own stuff to die—the baggage of worry, fear and frustration that keeps us bound from really living. Please know that until you surrender the stubborn parts of you that insist on being “right” or “getting your way,” you’re not really dead yet. So go ahead and die to all of you…so that you can really, enthusiastically LIVE.

It’s worth the struggle, and it’s worth the freedom to not settle for anything less than real life. Won’t you consider beginning a Mozart Easter tradition in your homes and churches?

 The Rev. Brad Mathias is Lead Pastor of Four Winds Mission and president of iShine and BEMA Media. Contact Brad