Let Revival Come

Apostolic VicarIf there is ever a Super Bowl week for the Christian faith, this has to be it. Big things, cosmic things happened during this week almost 2,000 years ago that fulfilled the trajectory of biblical prophecy and radically altered the world’s view of life, death, the dignity of humanity and the power of God.

Christianity is full of paradox. In order to gain your life, you have to lose it. In order to be exalted, we have to be humble. To receive love from others, we must serve them. The King of Kings becomes a servant on the cross so that he can be resurrected as the true King. Enter into the paradox and let revival began in your own life.

Holy week begins with Palm Sunday. At All Saints Dallas, we gathered outside our building and processed around the parking lot back into the church, recreating the scene of Jesus entering Jerusalem. The procession is a wonderful expression of families gathered together and being a witness to the world following the cross in the public square. The mood changes as we hear the reading from Scripture being caught up in the crowd’s acclamation of Jesus followed soon thereafter by the words “crucify him.” To live the Christian life, we need to know how much of the crowd’s response is our own and why Jesus had to die.

Holy week continues on Maundy Thursday, April 2. The Stripping of the Altar concludes the service with a dramatic flair as you leave the church in silence and darkness.

On Good Friday, April 3, many of you will participate in the 14 Stations of the Cross as revealed in Scripture. There really is no better way to prepare for and celebrate the resurrection on Easter than participating in the services on Thursday and Friday. Many of you over the last two years have been strengthened and renewed in your faith and understanding of the Christian gospel by participating in these events.

Then Easter!! – The day of resurrection! Scripture makes it very clear that in order to experience the resurrected life, we must die. There is an ongoing death to sin and self-centeredness in each of us. To be born again implies that there is recognition of our spiritual death outside knowing Christ. Easter is a recognition of the power and authority of God to prevail over and against sin, darkness, deception, despair and hell. By the power of the Holy Spirit we live a resurrected, Easter life. We are Easter people. The Holy Week experience helps us to recognize that, at a deeper level over and over again. Come join us for this renewal of your life. Enter into the paradox of the Christian life.