Grubbs RetiresA preeminent chaplain endorsed by The Mission, Chaplain Colonel Michael Grubbs retired in January after 32 years of service as a chaplain in the United States Air Force. Most recently Grubbs was Wing Chaplain at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita County, Texas, responsible for the spiritual welfare of 75,000 Army, Marine, Navy and Air Force and international students annually and all permanent party personnel. Over the duration of his highly decorated military career, Grubbs carried out nine assignments stateside and multiple deployments overseas.

Since joining The Mission in 2011, Grubbs acted as a Mission ambassador as he provided liturgical, sacramental services to the military community and introduced The Mission to fellow chaplains.

“He often communicated with other chaplains and those interested in chaplaincy about the quality of care and response he received from The Mission,” says the Rev. Bob Grant, who oversaw Grubbs’ credentialing process. “As an endorsing agency, we are less institutional and more personal and relational, and that’s a notable asset in chaplains’ minds.”

Grubbs agrees. “One of the things that’s unique about The Mission is how they include the chaplains closely with the work of The Mission. The support they provide chaplains is phenomenal. I get the sense they are praying for and supporting me, looking for ways to support my ministry and deepen my relationship with the Lord and The Mission.”

At his retirement ceremony on January 30 at the North Chapel on Sheppard Air Force Base, Grubbs received praise for his excellence as a chaplain in many areas including pastoral care, advising leadership on core values and ethics, and religious accommodation issues. Many top leaders, generals and officers were present to acknowledge his stellar service. Grant offered the closing prayer as endorsing agent.

“The ceremony was very dignified and carried all the marks of military honor and respect that you would expect for his remarkable achievements,” Grant says.

For Grubbs, the retirement ceremony was an awesome chance to share remembrance with friends, family and fellow military members. “We had a chance to look back and reflect upon the opportunity to serve the Air Force by helping people to grow and become what God intended them to be,” he says.