Mountain’s Edge Anglican Church
Las Vegas, Nevada

vegasIn a city where brokenness abounds, Mountain’s Edge Anglican Church is bringing Christ’s love to those who need it most. Started in 2009 by Joe and Johanna Laura, the house church focuses on renewal for Las Vegas by serving the homeless community—providing hot meals and developing friendships each week—and reaching out to those who suffer from gambling, alcohol, drug or sexual addictions. For people who have lost everything, Mountain’s Edge seeks to be a place where they can experience the hope of Jesus.

Mountain’s Edge meets for worship on Sunday mornings and for Bible study on Wednesday evenings in the home of the Rev. Dr. Roger Radley, Rector, and his wife Cynthia, who were called to the church in May 2011. A hallmark of the group is unconditional love: They make sure everyone feels welcome and loved, regardless of their background. Parishioners intentionally live out John 13:35: “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

In addition to their other work in the community, Mountain’s Edge hopes to soon open a Resource Center where people can find health and nutrition support as well as parent classes, tutoring, mentoring and group meetings.

“Our vision is that the fellowship of Mountain’s Edge grow in willingness, enthusiasm, resources and power in demonstrating the unconditional, amazing love of Jesus Christ to the people of Las Vegas and the world, no matter what,” Roger says.

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