Apostolic VicarFreedom. What a great word describing all that we as a country fought and live for. Political freedom, tax freedom, religious freedom, freedom of speech, etc. These are just some of the freedoms we talk about often. But, there is also another kind of freedom: the freedom Christ won for us.

At All Saints Dallas, we spent several weeks looking at Romans Chapters 6-8 regarding a freedom won for us at the cross and that we still battle for in our hearts. These three chapters are the high ground of St. Paul’s Christian manifesto on freedom. As we come to Christ we are indwelled by the Holy Spirit. He reminds us through the pattern of teaching to which we are committed that we have a new identity. Honestly, it takes years of prayer, study, worship and reminders that our self worth is ultimately found in one place only. That is, being a child of God. Nowhere else. No one else but God can give it to us. It is undeserved and unmerited. And no one can take it away. When we grasp this, we get less defensive. We take criticism more easily. The approval of others is not our ultimate goal. We are free from the culture trying to define us. We are free from the domination of sin. All those things that dominate the world don’t dominate us any more.

Is this your experience? Can it be? Should it be? In marriage, business, social settings, etc., we are given opportunities to live this out daily. Let your mind be renewed by these truths of our identity as we gain successive freedom by the power of the cross. Romans 6-8: It doesn’t get any clearer than that.