Why do we long for community? No matter who you are, it seems to be a universal desire that starts from the inside out.

Apostolic VicarThe short answer to this question is because we were made for it. Christianity is essentially Trinitarian–we believe there is one God in three persons. As the early church reflected on Scripture and their experience, the reality of the three persons of the Trinity became clear: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

For me, the greatest gift of the Trinity is understanding the relational capacity and wisdom involved. From the beginning of time—note Genesis 1 and John 1—the Trinity has been involved in creation. There is a communal relationship of love taking place from all eternity and into all eternity. God the Father’s love for His Son, Jesus. Jesus’ witness to the Holy Spirit as the One who would make all truth known to us. The Holy Spirit’s work to make Jesus known to us in order to glorify the Father. There is nothing like it anywhere. This love relationship spills over to bring about creation so that we, the creatures of creation, have the opportunity and the dignity to experience this love. This was the original intent at the beginning of creation, which was soiled by the Fall. The greatest achievement in our lives is to know that we are children of God, relationally connected to the whole Trinity.

Ultimately our whole existence is about community. So it makes sense that we reflect that in our lives by longing for community. This community between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is our inheritance as children of God, and we were built expressly for the purpose of entering into this community as Christ’s body and bride. So as Christians, we recognize that the need for community is how we’re built as beings created in the image of God, who is in community Himself.

My prayer is that you will experience the joy and value of community this month. This is all a reflection of the one God we worship in three persons.

God bless you.