By Rev. Dr. Ed Hird

vegas-350While visiting our sister Anglican Mission church plant in Las Vegas last month, I once again heard the expression: What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. But the vision of the Revs. Dr. Roger and Cynthia Radley and Mountains Edge Church is the exact opposite. What happens spiritually in Las Vegas is not supposed to stay in Las Vegas.  As the people of Las Vegas come into the light of God’s love, lives will be transformed to the ends of the earth. If renewal and revival can happen in Las Vegas, it can happen anywhere.

As Anglican Christians, Mountain’s Edge is “rooted in history and relevant to today.”  They are truly an edgy church, living on the edge of addiction, confusion and brokenness. The house church is passionate about reaching those who have lost everything, sometimes due to gambling, alcohol, drug and sexual addictions.  They describe their vision as living out the call of John 13:35 to show Jesus’ love to each other and those beyond.

My wife Janice and I personally experienced this wonderful love and hospitality while we spent time at Mountain’s Edge. They want everyone to feel at home with Jesus, with each other and with God’s good creation. They love to play, worship, pray and work together for the glory of God, with a mission to make known to the people of Las Vegas and beyond the unconditional, amazing love of Jesus Christ! Hence, they focus not on just doing church, but actually being the church, serving through foot washing those in need. Members are currently active in feeding, loving and serving the homeless community in Las Vegas and the neighboring city of Pahrump each week.

Mountain’s Edge is also trusting God to open the doors of a Resource Center where they will be able to do tutoring, mentoring, training and support for parents, health and nutritional support, and group meetings. Their desire is to teach people to help others.

Every time I attend The Mission’s Winter Conference, I pray with the Mountain’s Edge people, and am always amazed by the miracles God is doing in their midst. The congregation was prayerfully birthed in 2009 when Joe and Johanna Laura moved from Memphis, Texas to Las Vegas. God told them that they would be planting an Anglican Mission church, which came as a great surprise to the Lauras as they had never even considered doing anything like this.

They began by holding weekly Bible studies in their home.  In May 2011, they had their first visit from the Rev. Roger and Cynthia Radley. As they were living three-and-a-half hours away in California, the Radleys could initially only come monthly.  But God has miraculously provided for the Radleys to purchase a house in Las Vegas when it seemed humanly impossibly.

Mountain’s Edge is very excited about what God is doing through them and the many plans He has for them in the near future. They are prayerfully seeking His perfect will in everything they do.

Please continue to pray for the Radleys and Mountain’s Edge Church, as Las Vegas desperately needs a healthy Mission church bringing new life in the desert.  We pray that what happens in Las Vegas will not stay in Las Vegas.

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