Lefty-WilliamsThis month, we sit down for coffee and a chat with Lefty Williams of Port Alberni, British Columbia. Lefty serves as Associate Pastor at Jericho Road Church and is also a motivational speaker and recording artist.Pull up a chair and join us in getting to know this former Harlem Globetrotter who heard God’s call to ministry.

Q. What gets you up in the morning (energizes/motivates you)?

Just knowing that I have the opportunity to be in Gods presence another day, as well as being able to enjoy my beautiful wife and children. I also get to motivate people daily! All these things keep me going.

Q. What is your daily devotional rhythm, or what does your own spiritual formation look like on a daily basis?

I get up, and before my feet touch the ground, I go in prayer. Then comes my devotional, and worship. Rhythm is necessary in order to draw you back to relationship with the Father.

Q. What is the most encouraging or memorable thing that happened in your life and ministry in the last year?

I would have to say forming my youth leadership group, which created young leaders in the church and community. We were also able to bridge the gap between the church and community with the success of Jericho Road’s Unity Celebrity Basketball Game, raising almost $15,000 for a community in need.

Q. What person has most impacted your life, and why?

It’s hard to choose one person. I first have to say my mom. Rita Williams overcame so many things in her life, including cancer twice. She raised eight children by herself and always had great faith! Also, my grandfather Thomas Williams. His faith, as well as pouring into me man-to-man, was priceless! And finally, my wife and children. They challenge me every day to be better—a better Christian, husband, father, son and friend. Everything I am not, my wife is, and I love the balance.

 Q. What is one accomplishment in the past that you are proud of, and what is one thing that you would like to accomplish in the future?

I am most proud of my family and of accepting the call to ministry in Canada. It’s been a journey, but as our church tagline says, we are “On the journey of a lifetime.” I like to see a church, a city, a province, a nation “DARE2DREAM” and I believe God enough to see it happen!

Learn more about Lefty at www.leftywilliams.com.