Church leaders from across North America came together May 15-16 for two days of worship, prayer, teaching and connecting with friends at the annual Anglican Mission Canada National Leadership Conference. The event took place at Richmond Emmanuel Church in Richmond, British Columbia, with guest speakers Terry Walling of Leader Breakthru, H Miller of The Mission, and other guests from global mission organizations. Leaders chose an emphasis on Christ-centered, relational, organic and visionary Celtic mission as a model for Mission church planting and the ministry of established churches throughout North America.

canada-national-leadership-conference-2As in years past, attendees found great insight in inspirational keynote sessions. Terry Walling, drawing from four years of walking alongside and coaching leaders in The Mission Canada, recognized the growth and change within The Mission and pointed attendees toward the future.

“Rise to a new level of leadership and be prepared to release things to the new and younger leaders God brings in,” Terry urged. “If you courageously act on the vision you have, you will attract other missional leaders who also want to serve courageously.”

“Terry encouraged us to go to the next level in our relationship with Jesus and out of that relationship to another level of courage, risk taking and leadership to see the missional vision we have come to fruition,” explains Dave De Jong, Associate Pastor at Jericho Road Church in Port Alberni, British Columbia, and Administrative Support for The Anglican Mission Canada.

Another conference highlight was the Church Planters Forum, where H Miller, Peter Klenner and Bishop Silas Ng shared from their ministry experiences, specifically focusing on church planting.

“Each of our forum members helped us take what Terry Walling had taught earlier about forming missional communities and made it personal and tangible while reminding us of God’s provision and faithfulness through it all,” Dave says.

canada-national-leadership-conference-3For the Rev. Peter Klenner, Executive Director of The Anglican Mission Canada and Rector of All Saints Church in White Rock, British Columbia, the highlight was our guest missionary’s talk on the “New Normal.” During his Friday night keynote address, he shared some of his experiences with missionaries bringing the gospel to unreached people throughout the world, often in very hostile environments. These missionaries would wait in prayer to hear from God. Once they heard God’s instructions, they would travel to the place He directed and, led by the Holy Spirit, would offer to interpret the dreams of those who had dreamt of a man dressed in white robes. They told of a man named Jesus and what He had done for the world.

“These missionaries are like the saints of the New Testament,” Peter says. “What an inspiration they are to us: Listen to God and then do what He says. Maybe there is something in this for us as we grow The Mission.”

These insights and examples were just what he and others needed to refresh and refocus their hearts on mission. From delightful fellowship over meals to the experience of worshipping God together, attendees left the conference encouraged by what they had heard and eager to grow the Kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit.