Mission Abbeys—regional hubs of personal, social and cultural transformation in the mold of early Irish monasteries—will now serve The Mission with specialized Abbey Learning Events several times a year. These events are micro conferences that help fulfill the Abbeys’ role as educators and inspirational leaders in their communities and for The Mission at large.

Learning eventsThese boutique conference experiences are designed for leaders and laity from Mission Churches and Mission Works, as well as church planters and ministers from outside The Mission.  While corporate gatherings like Winter Conference offer broader learning opportunities, a Learning Event will focus on a single theme the community of faith wants to share.

“People are already going to the Abbeys to ask them how they do what they do,” says the Very Rev. Paul Sorensen, Counselor General for The Mission. “Learning Events will harness the tremendous resources Abbeys already have for the glory of God.”

Three Abbey Learning Events are scheduled for 2014. The first event, the Horizons Conference, will take place during the summer at Mission Chattanooga and will focus on culture making. The second and third events, yet to be announced, will take place in the fall: one at Richmond Emmanuel Church focusing on church planting, and one at Grace Fellowship San Antonio focusing on leadership development.

Mission leadership has announced that Winter Conference will now be held every other year to allow Mission Abbeys to fully serve as learning, leadership and launching platforms for greater mission.

“These Abbey Learning Events will tell the story of the Holy Spirit moving in our midst to inspire and equip us for greater mission,” Paul says.