RobbbieThis month, we sit down for coffee and a chat with international award-winning designer Robbie de Villiers, who designed The Mission’s website as well as its signature font, Ellume. Pull up a chair and join us in getting to know this Mission Chattanooga parishioner.

Q. Robbie, what jumpstarts your creative process?

Robbie de Villiers: I’d say it is mostly hard work. Discovering solutions to visual problem solving sounds a bit sterile, but I think it comes closest. I call the initial phase of any project the discovery phase. It is incredibly enjoyable to get to grips with a project and thoroughly understand the client or product. I often compare this to an actor studying a character in-depth so that they virtually start thinking like the character.

Invariably I discover something during this process that sparks a creative solution. I’ve discovered a long time ago not to fall in love with any given idea during the creative process because it might prevent me from uncovering an even better solution. So I usually keep creating many different ideas and then let it “rest.” Gestation time is vital in the creative process… the right solution almost always shows up during or after a time of reflection!

Q. What is your morning routine that sets you up for work/creativity?

Robbie: First thing in the morning I go for a half-mile swim at my local Y. I have breakfast and then sit at my computer catching up on emails, Twitter, Instagram and BBC news. I then start working until about 11 when I take my dog for a long walk. I love this walking time because I get to exercise and usually call a friend to catch up or listen to an audio book. I then have lunch at The Camphouse, our local coffee bar and church where I will always bump into other creatives and enjoy their company—quite often this may result in my next project! I then return to my studio to work for the afternoon. Dinner, some Netflix and often back to work until 11-ish. Before bed, I dig into God’s Word and have a time of prayer. I have read the Bible five times using the one-year Bible (Chronological NLT). I have found many, many blessings from this discipline. I believe it is important to have a diverse but balanced routine to keep my mind stimulated and “on call.”

Q. What is your perfect day?

Robbie: I’d say all of the above but I’d love to add a walk on the beach.

Q. What are 3 important design elements or principles that church websites should take into account?

Robbie: A church is no different from a corporation in the sense that it projects an image that can be good, mediocre or bad. Many times, churches fall short in terms of overall quality. A church website is a direct reflection of a church and most people looking for churches today will visit a church website before they make a decision to visit a church. That in itself is enough reason to make sure you have a professionally designed website. I realize budgets can be tight but it is money wisely spent!

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