All Saints Church Spartanburg was delighted to present a thank offering to the Lord and to The Mission on Living the Mission Day, February 2. Affirming its role in something bigger, the parish experienced connection with other parishes and recommitment to The Mission itself while giving sacrificially to support church planting.

Like many parishes, All Saints was a recipient of Mission resourcing in its early days.

Charlie Vensel“Our church would not be here if it were not for the generosity of other believers in The Mission five years ago,” says the Rev. Charlie Vensel. “Living the Mission Day was a way of showing thanks and honoring our past.”

Living the Mission Day was designed by Mission leaders to encourage parishes to remember The Mission’s role in their formation, demonstrate their commitment to Mission values and pledge support for The Mission moving forward. Most importantly, Living the Mission Day garnered a fund to be used for church planting.

To prepare for the event, All Saints announced it from the pulpit and on social media two Sundays in advance. Charlie also asked some members to chronicle what they remembered God doing in the church over the past five years. On Living the Mission Sunday, after playing Bishop Philip Jones’ video clip, Charlie preached a sermon on Exodus 6:2-8. Together, the church examined how the Lord encouraged Moses’ hope for the future by looking at the past as evidence of the great things God has done before. They also saw how God reminded the Israelites of the promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as well as the promise of coming out from under the Egyptians.

“We likened our offering to a memory stone, reminding ourselves of what God had done, and the faith and encouragement he has given us and The Mission for the future,” Charlie says.

The congregation gave a total of $2300 to church planting, showing generosity beyond their means that surprised and thrilled Charlie.

“It was a joyous day,” he says. “Living the Mission Day bound us together in our identity as a mission church on mission, in partnership with The Mission and other Mission churches.”

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