Greetings from the desk of the new Apostolic Vicar!

Apostolic VicarEach month I will have the opportunity to share a few words with you in Currents. I am still riding high from our Winter Conference in Houston and appreciate all your prayers and encouragement. A lot happened at the conference. One of the really bright spots is how God is shaping us to be a community of mission.

The reason for Winter Conference and other Mission gatherings is to answer the call and need for community. Since we are created by God, who by definition is community in the Trinity, we all have a longing to gather. Sharing stories, praying, worshiping and simply catching up are all part of building unity. I want to encourage each of you to join our online community, share your stories and experiences and stay connected in the days ahead.

Please help us by sending in these opportunities for others throughout the Mission to see and hear how the Holy Spirit is moving. The Mission is about more than any one individual person or church. We are on Mission together for each other. Thanks for your support.

God bless,