The Anglican Mission’s 2013 Clergy Retreat brought together almost 100 bishops, clergy and ordinands from around the world at the Sheraton Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina, October 29-31. In response to prayers for the event, God divinely anointed conversations, plans and vision casting as the group sought Him for the next season in the life of The Mission. Special guests at the retreat included Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, Archbishop Moses Tay, Archbishop Yong Ping Chung and Bishop Sospeter Ndenza, each sharing a message of hope for the future.

clergy-retreat-2013-prayerThe retreat began Tuesday afternoon with a Bible study and opening session from Apostolic Vicar Chuck Murphy, followed by a warm greeting from Archbishop Kolini. Bishop Murphy expressed excitement for the next chapter of The Mission, urged clergy to continue church planting and reiterated his desire to be Morning Stars of the Reformation. He also highlighted next steps as a missionary society under the leadership of Apostolic-Elect Philip Jones. A worship team from Mission Chattanooga in Chattanooga, Tennessee, led attendees in heartfelt acoustic worship.

On Wednesday, the Very Rev. H Miller, Rector General, opened the morning session with a Bible study. He discussed Malcolm Gladwell’s new book David and Goliath, encouraged clergy who might feel like “underdogs,” and emphasized the importance of using the gifts and abilities God has given us. Then Terry Walling, founder of Leader Breakthru, described the characteristics of a healthy transition and how God works mightily in and through times of transition.

That afternoon, H gave an overview of The Mission’s reorganization, also detailing the characteristics of Mission Abbeys, Mission Churches and Mission Works. He announced three more Mission Abbeys are in preparation, and Mission leaders are praying for seven churches to be planted in 2014. Potential cities include Vancouver, San Antonio, Little Rock, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Charleston and Dallas.

clergy-retreat-2013-crowd“People are excited and enthusiastic about The Mission’s new direction and the call to raise up and release leaders who will plant churches,” H says.

Bishop Silas Ng concluded the afternoon session by affirming God’s blessing on The Mission and its work in North America. That evening, attendees enjoyed a joyful worship service and brief messages from Archbishop Moses Tay and Apostolic Vicar-Elect Jones, as well as a powerful time of ministry and healing prayer.

The retreat closed Thursday morning as everyone gathered one last time for praise and worship. Bishop Jones led an inspirational Bible study and morning session, and Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini offered greetings as well. Attendees left Greensboro inspired by trusted leaders, connected with old and new friends and motivated to build on The Mission’s rich history.

“During the retreat, we saw many signs of renewed health and life,” H says. “We are confident that God is leading us forward into this new season and equipping us to raise up leaders and communities to reach the lost for Jesus Christ.”