For many churches, a vacant block next door would be an annoyance. Not so for All Saints Community Church in White Rock, British Columbia. On August 10-11, the church partnered with New Song Christian Life Center to use the empty space for its biggest event of the year—the annual All Saints Summer Festival featuring music, food and fun for all ages. Hundreds flocked to participate in the free community event and many left touched by the love of Christ.

face-painting“Where appropriate, we share the Gospel story with our neighbors,” says the Rev. Peter Klenner, rector of All Saints. “At the very least, we make friends and build bridges.”

When guests arrived at the festival, a team of friendly greeters welcomed them. They were then free to head to the prayer tent to receive ministry, visit the Celebration bookstore, or get free hot dogs (over 700 were given away!), popcorn, cotton candy, tea, coffee and cookies. While munching on their freebies, guests could sit and listen to a stylistic range of live music playing all weekend on the main stage.

Throughout the festival, guests were also invited to pet the live miniature horse, visit the Chinese tea stall to drink tea while trying to solve Chinese puzzles, do children’s crafts, have their faces painted or watch balloons being crafted into amazing shapes.

teaA special highlight was Saturday night when 70 kids, parents and grandparents joined the festivities for an outdoor Kid’s Movie night. All Saints showed a Veggie Tales movie and gave each family a children’s book of prayer based on Psalm 91 at the end of the night.

On Sunday morning, inclement weather forced the churches to hold an indoor combined church service instead of their usual outdoor one. But even with the change of plans, God showed His favor. The Rev. Peter Wu told a children’s story using balloons and Peter preached from the Gospel of Luke, which was translated into Mandarin. More than 90 people attended the service and as they prayed together, the weather cleared up. By the time the service ended, the ground outside was dry!

Looking back on the weekend, All Saints and New Song continue to thank God for the miracles He provided. In addition to stopping the rain on Sunday morning, He healed several people in the prayer tent and His word went out to hundreds of kids and their parents from the surrounding community. The two churches, working together, showed White Rock what the Kingdom of God could look like here on earth. Both churches praise Him for the wonderful opportunity and are looking forward to next year.

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