AMiA Mission Churches

The Anglican Mission in America (AMiA), a Society of  Mission and Apostolic Works, plants churches obedient to the truth of God’s Word, churches responsive to the movement of the Spirit, churches indebted to the riches of the past. The core of our mission is to build three-stream Anglican churches and new worshiping communities. These communities of faith rise, love and lead together with Christ in America.

If you are an individual or church who wishes to explore joining our movement of church planting, we would love to connect with you. Please contact us.

AMiA Resource Churches

In addition to planting and supporting AMiA Churches, the Mission seeks to strategically attract, plant and support resource churches in the mold of the early Irish monasteries. As regional hubs of personal, social and cultural transformation, these communities of faith serve the Mission and our partners as learning, leadership and launching platforms for greater mission.

Whether you are an emerging leader seeking a place to serve, grow and go in mission, or an experienced pastor seeking to acquire a specific model for ministry via a learning event, we are excited to unveil the many opportunities around this Celtic strategy of mission soon!

Other AMiA Works and Ministries

In addition to planting and supporting AMiA churches, the Anglican Mission in America raises, releases and supports new works and ministries that serve as extensions of the vision and mission of AMiA: Military and Vocational Chaplains, Liturgical Folk Worship Ministry, Front Range Mission and Anglican Associates, among others.

If you are an individual called to a specific post of influence in chaplaincy or you would like to know more about our other ministries, please contact us.

Join the AMiA

The common life of the Anglican Mission in America is organized as a society which has a long and fruitful history in the life of the church. Individuals and communities who wish to rise to the call are invited to love and lead as members in the Society. Membership begins with relationship to other members and leaders where discernment of calling takes place. Please contact us.