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Lay Leadership in Governance, Ministry, and Discipleship, Mike Blanchat

Mike Blanchat will discuss how teaching GAS! (Give, Attend, Serve) is the most effective way of building missional communities and how it can create a church structure that fosters a partnership between lay leadership and ministry staff.


Intentional Worship, Ryan Flanigan

What does a typical week of planning music for worship look like? Ryan Flanigan has been choosing songs for Christian worship pretty much every week for the past twenty years. Come and hear how Ryan approaches song selection, style, how the music jives with the lections, seasons, and the Three Streams, how much prayer and preparation goes into a typical week’s music. Ryan will share some musical examples, including original songs from the AMiA’s very own Liturgical Folk music project.


Rediscovering the Art of Discipleship, Allen+ Hughes

The good soil of our life is generated through the actions and habits of discipleship. Discipleship is the lifelong pursuit of learning to live a life under the guidance and care of God. We can live a life where we are guided and led by the perfect Father! We can experience the fruits of the good soil: a joy that goes beyond our circumstances, a peace that satisfies, work that is meaningful, and a love that abides.


Reviving Evangelism in This Cultural Moment, Kurt Klement

According to the Barna Group’s Reviving Evangelism, a new report based on research commissioned by Alpha USA, almost half of practicing Christian millennials say evangelism is wrong, that “sharing one’s faith—evangelizing—is a core practice among many religions. For Christians, it’s viewed as a mandate from Jesus himself before he departed earth: commanding his disciples to “spread the good news.” Yet, today, a number of factors are curbing many Christians’ enthusiasm for faith-sharing, including the decline of religion in America”. In our time together a Catholic and a Protestant will share how they have discovered that the Alpha course is just the right tool needed to meet the challenges of our culture and fulfill the Great Commission.


Managing Transitions, Ron+ McCrary

In his talk entitled “How to Be an Effective Change Agent (Without Getting Thrown Off the Bus)” Ron+ shares a powerful ministry tool that he has used for twenty-five years, that makes it possible, humanly speaking, to lead a congregation into significant changes at the deepest level; not only surviving the changes but thriving by God’s grace and power. Transition is categorically different from change. Change is situational; something that happens outside a person. Transition, by contrast, is a person’s (and congregation’s) predictable and inevitable three-phase internal human reaction to change. William Bridges, author of Managing Transitions, states famously that “Unmanaged transition makes change unmanageable.” In this interactive session, learn highly practical ways to use transition management as an essential part of shepherding people and your congregation to make changes work.


Leading with the Liturgy, Mike+ Murphy

Freedom with Fences Our time together will be an interactive session where we will frame our discussion about liturgical worship and the ministry and power of the Holy Spirit. We will address questions like How do I allow for room in the liturgy for the spiritual gifts, healing prayer and prophecy? We will also model how to do it while sharing examples of 20 years+ ministry experience.


Enjoying the Ride: Church Planting and Rollercoasters, Ryan+ Owsley

Many wonderful resources describe how and why to plant churches. But few resources discuss the spiritual and emotional components of church planting and how those are deeply connected to the how and why of planting. In this talk, Ryan+ will discuss the spiritual and emotional dynamics of planting and how those are related to the techniques and strategies of planting.


An Anglican Perspective on Discipleship Making, Drew+ Witt

Our Lord commissioned us to go, make, baptize, and teach. Since disciples of Jesus are hand-crafted and not mass produced, anyone who sets out to make disciples, quickly learns that you need tools to make disciples. Coming from a non-denominational background, Drew+ offers a fresh perspective on how to use the ancient tools most Anglicans possess as we fulfill the Great Commission through our worship.


Evening Events RSVP NOW

An Evening of Encounter with the Holy Spirit, Dave+ and Rachel Larlee

Spend time with the Holy Spirit, what to do when He shows up and how to create space for Him in your community. Dinner and discussion to follow. Sunday, Oct. 6 5pm

Beer & Theology, Mark+ Walz

‘Once saved; always saved’; isn’t that true? Can you truly walk away from the faith as these people have seemingly done? What about people closer to us? Have they walked away, or is this temporary? If you have feelings similar to these and have struggled for answers, or troubled by thoughts of your own salvation, I encourage to come and bring your questions. Monday, Oct. 7 7pm

Alpha Night Dinner, Dave+ Larlee and the Alpha Team

This cultural moment we find ourselves in and how Alpha is perfectly designed to meet these challenges. Tuesday, Oct. 8 6:30pm